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Normalize Mental Health, and End the Stigma

    About YMHIS


    Meet Lauren C. McGauley

    Lauren McGauley is a licensed psychotherapist and coach who grew up in the midwest, and currently resides in Sin City with her two golden retrievers. Lauren specializes in trauma, being a survivor herself and enjoys helping humans reach their highest potential of being. Lauren has always had a passion for helping others all the way back to the playground age. Due to her own struggles with mental health, trauma, and her passion for healing, YMHIS was born. Lauren seeks to leave a legacy behind of safety for all to be who they are.


    Our Mission Statement

    Your Mental Health is Showing and it’s okay. The mission of YMHIS is to normalize mental health, and end the stigma. To normalize seeking help, support, healing, and becoming the most authentic version of yourself. We are all worthy of prioritizing our mental health.

Our aim is to create a community of safety, belonging, comfort, and vulnerability to simply just be yourself. Our brand prioritizes comfort, whether it be to do your favorite activity, stay in bed for a few days, or however you choose to prioritize your mental health!

Inspired by those who make us feel safe to be ourselves, and loved just as we are. We hope by wearing YMHIS, you are reminded you are enough just as you are, it’s okay to not be okay, and show others it is safe to express, feel, and prioritize their needs. Creating a world where everyone feels safe to show up as they are, no longer feeling shame regarding their mental health.

Thank you for being a part of the mission to normalize and end the stigma and creating a world with more kindness, compassion, and love. Thank you for being here.


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